RENS considers its mission as to improve the existing healthcare technologies and the quality of life of patients with brain vessel pathologies through the endorsement of scientific research and educational projects and the support of skilled professionals.

Through its activities, the Society fosters the scientific advancements brought by endovascular neurosurgeons in Russia and facilitates their further professional and scientific development.

RENS members make efforts to implement the abovementioned advancements through clinical, basic and translational trials to improve neurological patients’ quality of life;

RENS facilitates the further development of domestic and international collaboration and knowledge share that involves healthcare practitioners and scientists and assists their involvement in multicentral clinical trials.

Our goals

The Society sees its goals as to:

· Join the efforts of our members as well as those of individuals, Russian citizens, profit organizations, associations (unions) and other non-profit organizations in resolving the theoretical and practical issues of endovascular surgery to improve the quality of the medical services provided for the population of the Russian Federation;

· Develop and support scientific research in the field of endovascular neurosurgery;

· Consolidate and tighten both professional and humanitarian ties between the professionals dealing with the issues of endovascular neurosurgery;

· Develop continuous medical education programs for the doctors majoring in X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment;

· Endorse and take part in the international, national and regional projects and programs aimed at enhancing the capabilities of diagnostic and treatment methods for curing brain vessels and the prophylaxis of cerebrovascular diseases;

· Develop and endorse international cooperation in the field of endovascular neurosurgery.

We will welcome as our member every healthcare practitioner and researcher who shares the abovementioned goals!