What we do

The purpose of the activities of the RENS is:

To pool together the efforts and coordinate the activity of the RENS members, as well as individuals, residents of the Russian Federation, for-profit organizations, associations (societies), public institutions, and other non-profit organizations dealing with the theoretical and practical problems of endovascular neurosurgery to improve the level of medical care rendered to the residents of the Russian Federation;
To develop and support the research focused on endovascular neurosurgery;
To ensure professional consolidation, establishing and tightening professional contacts and people-to-people ties between the endovascular neurosurgery professionals;
To advance continuing medical education for medical practitioners in the field of X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment;
To assist in developing and implementing international, national, and regional projects and programs aiming to enhance the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of craniovascular diseases; to augment preventive healthcare and ensure human health and environmental protection; and
To develop an international collaborative relationship in the field of endovascular neurosurgery.
We are delighted to welcome medical practitioners and researchers!