All-Russian Neurosurgical Forum Has Taken Place in Moscow

On June 15-16, 2023, All-Russian Neurosurgical Forum was held in Moscow. The forum’s program included a conference on emergency neurosurgery, 10 symposia on the topical issues of modern neurosurgery, a neurooncology school and two educational cycles, one devoted to vascular neurosurgery.
As part of the Vascular Neurosurgery course, Kirill Yuryevich Orlov, Director of RENS, and Mikhail Volodyukhin, Member of the Society’s Board delivered their reports.
Dr. Orlov’s report was devoted to the methods that increase AVM embolization radicality, while Dr. Volodyukhin shared his experience in performing staged reperfusion therapy for acute ischemic stroke using Russian thrombolytic agent Fortelizin.
At the end of the forum, Academician Dmitry Usachev, Director of N.N. Burdenko National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery, presented honorary diploma for holding and active participation in organizing Conference of Neurosurgeons of Central Federal District in Ivanovo. The diplomas were given to Academician Vladimir Krylov, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, and Chief Researcher at N.N. Burdenko National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery; Leonid Likhterman, Professor of Department of Neurosurgery at Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education; Valery Lazarev, Neurosurgeon of Kineshma Central District Hospital, and Vladimir Smirnov.
Also during the ceremony, medals For Loyalty to the Profession were awarded and a documentary film about the life and professional path of an outstanding Russian neurologist, one of the founders of Moscow Institute of Neurosurgery, Professor Vasily Kramer, was presented. The documentary was created by a team led by Professor Leonid Likhterman.