Course Treatment of Stroke Patients Takes Place in Moscow in November

On November 1-2, 2023, at the Federal Center of Brain Research and Nanotechnologies, the RENS runs yet another educational course devoted to treatment of stroke patients.
Practitioners in the field of neurosurgery, X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment, and neurology are invited to participate.
The educational course includes both theoretical and unique practical knowledge to be shared by the leading foreign and Russian experts.
The RENS has been successfully running this course since 2019, so the participants can get up-to-date knowledge and master advanced methods of endovascular treatment of stroke.
The Federal Center for Brain Research and Neurotechnologies being the venue for the course is a leading institution providing medical care for patients with cerebrovascular pathologies and stroke in Russia. Participation in the course is a unique opportunity to learn new knowledge, gain relevant practical skills and use them to modernize daily practices of diagnosing and treating vascular pathologies in medical institutions of various levels.
To register for the course, visit the official RENS website, section Projects. Participation is free. Attendance is limited.